How to sew a curtain valance | Easy Curtains | Sewing Curtains

Published on May 4, 2022

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Welcome to this week’s Crafty Sewing Edition Podcast where I’m going to show you my easy curtains. I loved this project, and I’m taking you along with me while I’m spending a couple of rainy days sewing new kitchen curtains. These would be considered rod pocket curtains, and I think they are the easiest kind of curtain to sew. You can definitely purchase a curtain valance, but they are not going as nice as this. This project was great practice in cutting fabric with a rotary cutter and with sewing long, straight seams.

I cut a template piece from brown wrapping paper to be sure all my pieces were consistent. I ironed the paper flat using a very hot, dry iron. My template measured 20″ high by 40″ long. I used two segments in the smaller window over my sink, and three segments in the wider window that looks into my back yard. I like a really full, gathered fabric for my valance, so I used a lot of material to make my curtains. In total, I used about 3.5 yards of each fabric to make this project for my kitchen. (7 total yards including the lining)

I used a cotton broadcloth for my right side curtain print, and a less expensive white cotton for the lining. I would suggest purchasing a more expensive fabric for your lining as this fabric choice was problematic. It shrunk every time I steam ironed the pieces and I press out a lot when I’m sewing. I did prewash, machine dry and press out the fabric prior to cutting so it surprised me when it behaved this way.You never really know what you’re getting with fabrics, so maybe sewing a small swatch is a good idea for something like this. I already bought 7 yards of it to make curtains, so I’m going to use it. However, I will not buy that super cheap muslin fabric anymore.

Here’s a tutorial I found on making similar style curtains. She uses drapery fabric without a lining which is different from what I did, but it is a great explanation on how to put these together if you are looking for more info .

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How to sew a curtain valance | Easy Curtains | Sewing Curtains

How to sew a curtain valance | Easy Curtains | Sewing Curtains.

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