Make a Window Valance | Easy DIY

Published on April 8, 2023

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If you’re looking to cover up the ugly blind rack that’s attached to the top of the window, this is the video on how to do it! Ours had some old red paint, a wide gap, and other flaws that we wanted to just cover up with a simple window valance.

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This simple decorative window trim is an easy project that anyone can do, as long as you have some type of saw – whether it’s an electric one or a hand one – and a Ryobi nail gun or the old fashioned hammer and nails.

It’s as easy as cutting two 1″ pieces of 1×4 for the spacer that separates the window trim from the wall, and then a long piece of 1×4 the width of your window PLUS 1″ on each side extra.

Then just fasten the window trim to the spacers after making sure it’s all level, puddy up the holes, and then paint!

Tools Used:

Ryobi Nail Gun:
1 3/4″ Brad Nails:

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Make a Window Valance | Easy DIY

Make a Window Valance | Easy DIY.

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