Modeling Curtain Walls & Panels in Revit

Published on November 27, 2023

Latest info and articles about What Does Single Panel Curtain Mean, Modeling Curtain Walls & Panels in Revit.

Frame a building façade with highly-detailed unitized elements in no time. Insert 100s of details (mullions, transoms, window glass holders & drainages, pressure plates, cover plates, insulators, infills, connection brackets, gaskets, bolts, etc.) & generate fabrication information (shop drawings, cut lists) with necessary views, schedules & drawings. All automatically.

You can efficiently design parametric curtain wall systems in Revit using our ‘Curtain Walls & Panels’ BIM framing software with its included sample families & configurations.

[02:59] workflow overview
[04:55] functions at your disposal
[07:35] Revit families being used, editing a profile
[14:45] using Link Wall function to link configurations to wall
[16:23] framing curtain walls per configs, segmenting it
[23:54] horizontal siding
[25:25] exterior ceramic finishing
[26:08] adding details (gaskets, brackets, etc.)
[32:08] shop drawings 📐
[36:10] stick facades

Intended for AEC industry professionals involved in the design or prefabrication of façades, especially engineers, designers, BIM coordinators, and managers at companies that design or manufacture façades for commercial, residential, or industrial buildings.

Agacad Revit plugin used in this video: Curtain Walls & Panels
► Our software for designing curtain walls & panels in Autodesk® Revit® simplifies the process of framing architectural curtain walls & panels. Distribute mullions, transoms, window glass holders, pressure plates, cover plates, insulators, infills & other details by the batch-load throughout your model based on your predefined rules to get high-quality framing model at the required LOD. Easily mark elements in your project according to property and location. Real-time full-project updates ensure accurate bills of materials and builders work drawings. And fabrication information can be generated automatically with the views, schedules, and drawings you need. All that ensures quality production and accurate assembly on site.

Hosted by: Agacad’s Tautvydas Maslauskas | BIM Application Engineer, Autodesk Revit Certified Pro
Aired: October 22, 2020

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Modeling Curtain Walls & Panels in Revit

Modeling Curtain Walls & Panels in Revit.

Modeling Curtain Walls & Panels in Revit, Read latest info and posts explaining and What Does Single Panel Curtain Mean, reviews.

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Modeling Curtain Walls & Panels in Revit
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