Video #44: Arched Window Treatments – How to install dazzling arched window treatments

Published on February 12, 2023

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Arched Window Treatments – How to install dazzling arched window treatments. Download your free “Perfect Windows” design idea catalog here:

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Mallie: Welcome to another episode of Galaxy Design’s innovative design series. Today we are here in Simi Valley and we got a client that was referred by a friend, and we are here to create arched window treatments for her.

Steve: the arch windows are as you can see behind us here are very tall. There is also another set of windows below them. We get a lot of demand for this type of video was people ask us, “I have some arch windows but how do you go ahead about dressing them”. So our goal is to go ahead and demonstrate for you how to go about creating arched window treatments for these types of windows. The house is a very traditional home, and it also has a beautiful scenery from the outside. We want to bring that look into the inside so we have chosen some beautiful silk fabrics, and we are planning on doing our five pieces called the nova combo. This is what we are going to demonstrate for you today. This fabric is what I have chosen to go ahead and put in this home.

This is one of our silk collections and it’s called Shenial Maroon. What is so great about this fabric is the embroidery on this fabric is all done stitch by stitch and are hand cut. I also went ahead and combined the solid Josephine berry as coordination for this so that I would have a little bit of both colors in the room, so I could keep the balance in the room. The scrolls that we are mounting on this job are called our large Venetian scrolls.

These scrolls are usually mounted in a sixteen inch angle. The reason why we do this is simply at the bottom of the drapes will come out flat. In this particular one, as you can see I mounted them in an angle, and the angle on the short point is 196: and on the top part is 212 inches. This way the drapes will come out flat on the bottom and straight on the bottom. Next to the arch window that we have got, we also have another opening which is a bay window. This bay window is a nice look, and there is a sitting area so I would like to keep that just the way it is.

So what I have chosen to go ahead and do is use our zodiac crown. I am going to go ahead and simply just put these on either side of the windows, as well as go ahead and connect another piece of the same type in the metal and put the drapes on the side. This is going to dress up the room. The job is now complete and the house was missing arched window treatments. By adding the colors we have choose in this room, it really completed the atmosphere in the house. The ambiance of the house is now very, very warm and inviting. The furniture seems to go really well with the walls as well as the arched window treatments. It was not an easy job to put up but we definitely managed to do a pretty good job at it. The client seemed to be very pleased with it.

Mallie: Definitely. It was a little bit difficult, but we completed it and it looks gorgeous. It turned out really pretty. So there is three ways to go about getting arched window treatments like this in your own house. Number one is to come into our showroom and purchase your own hardware and fabrics. Number two would to be to go online and purchase a Do It yourself combination which is fairly easy to put up. Number three is to speak to one of our designers for a showroom consultation or an in-home consultation

Steve: and just remember…. We don’t cover windows

Mallie: We Dress windows!

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Video #44: Arched Window Treatments - How to install dazzling arched window treatments

Video #44: Arched Window Treatments – How to install dazzling arched window treatments.

Video #44: Arched Window Treatments – How to install dazzling arched window treatments, Read more news and vids about and How To Hang Window Scarves, recomendations.

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